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Not so few years ago Maryann and  I started writing together.  This book is a rewrite of  “I Can Read You Like A Book” one of our books with Career Press.

This book has a lot of new material and expands on the R.E.A.D system I created about a decade ago.   It is available now. 51ayhtt7ggl-_sx331_bo1204203200_

Observations from Debate Two

My simple analysis based on memory 10/10/16

Well we knew it would be rough after that  press conference when handshakes were off the table and the greeting looked like your ex in-laws smiling at you.



Presentation by network affects visibility I watched PBS . Camera angle and choice of focus matter.

Other networks may have changed my views. Shop around for the view you want.

MOST of the debate was about  emotional or feeling issues and not logic issues. This  is to be expected considering the lead up and the issues at hand. I tweeted perhaps raincoats were a good choice for the front row.

From the PBS angle both appeared to try and upstage the other constantly fitting the emotional nature of debate, and seeming a lot like a high school play.

There were some memorable stills form the night.  It  just proves body language can say anything you want if you photograph it right.  Like this  Duet to Sonny and Cher’s  I got you babe.



Who won for you is likely tied tightly to your opinion going in. So here are my observations to fuel your thoughts.


Trumps body language could have been more convincing in an apology- was he believable to YOU?    Remember we study symptoms motivation takes more delving and you need more control of the conversation

Early in the debate Trump contained his energy by pacing and bracing on a chair. His focus was all external on Hillary-likely coached. Trump was most often focused on Clinton and rarely remembered to look at camera. It was evident when he did remember to look.  His face perked as he locked eyes with the camera.

Standing and anchoring are power moves Pacing doesn’t engender strength and trust .Trump needs advice from Mark Bowden

Trump was more fluid and on topic due in large part to his from the hip style and the open questioning format. He also had more packaged information this time than first debate.

Trump created what i call sacred space to allow him to focus by crossing his arms making a barrier and swaying as a release of nervous energy (adapting).

Clinton was out of her element in the open questioning format and is much better in a prepared debate style.  She slows when navigating the right words . This contrasts sharply to her prepared material and affects the viewers perception of her honesty.

When on topic and passionate about an unprepared issue Clinton’s body language was congruent and punctuated her thoughts SCOTUS is an example of such a topic.

During Trumps initial assault on the Clintons re sex scandals Hillary stood stoic no indication of shame.

Hillary didn’t anchor to the podium she has evolved tremendously in the past 12 years as a speaker

Early in the debate Clinton was focused on camera and aware of it in a way Trump was not . Later as she started to show signs of stress she focused on Trump and occasionally remembered to look at camera.

Clintons barriers and adaptors picked up in second half of debate indicating discomfort

Clinton appeared to be rattled by his “presence” something later confirmed as she was on the plane. Sounds like he got under her skin.

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE…. Next Debate in 9 Days.

Debate Tonight

Who Will Lie in the Debate and How Can I tell?

Unknown images


Once i was on the same speaking bill as the infamous fraud  Barry Minkow.  Barry was famous for being one  the youngest people  to ever take a company to IPO.  That company ZZZ Best was a carpet cleaning business that cost his investors over 100 Million US dollars in 1987  and Barry a 25 year prison sentence.

Barry was released from that prison term and speaking to a group about fraud while i was speaking to that same group about deception. ( not so much the body language piece but deception in words, deeds,  body language etc).

Barry had a tagline that i think bears remembering.  Barry said “Fraud is the skin of the truth stuffed with lies.”

Barry went back to prison not long after that speaking engagement for another stint in federal prison and facing more than 600 Million USD in restitution.

Barry’s tagline  line is  how we get deceived more often than not.  Politicians and others who must make more people happy than not take a seed of truth and stuff it with embellishments, exaggeration etc.

Deception is not outright lying but avoiding the truth.

Because deception is a lot like Barry’s definition of fraud a person  can easily avoid an outright lie and use other tactics like misdirection, omission, or embellishment.  This makes it easier than telling an outright lie of commission.

Most of us just are not equipped to discern the difference.

Tonight’s Debate is one of the more interesting in my lifetime. Not because of substance difference between the two political views, though that would be a great debate if we got it.

More because each  of these politicians has seriously scandalous topics to use on the other. AND each of the candidates has the chance to show us how they handle the  confrontation.

Fight or flight happens when a person feels threatened  no matter how poised or prepared the person may seem.  When fight or flight kicks in things like cadence of movement or cadence of speech change. We can see indicators of deception when a person is  “on the ropes”  and forced to make up details or protect hidden guilty knowledge under scrutiny.

Even without deception there is benefit.  When the Candidates run out of prepared language they need to actually think.  Only then will we get the real mind behind the canned responses.

The complexity is whether the moderator poses or allows the Candidates to pose probing and stressing  questions.


Tonight  you can compare what you see to what experts see.Body Language Experts Live Tweet 1


We have as Mark Bowden calls it an “A Team” of body language and behavior analysts to review the debate.  Follow us on twitter and watch the debate as we look for indicators not just that one or both of the candidates are lying, but the debate is effective and we are getting the real person not the canned poised and polished politician.







Join Us for what is guaranteed to be an Extravaganza of body language.  This might be one of the best of my lifetime…

Scott Rouse - Greg Hartley - Body Language expert - live tweet 2

Hillary Clinton’s Body Language Live-Tweeted by Body Language Experts

Tonight Scott Rouse and I decode Secretary Clinton’s Nonverbal cues  live during her acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Have you ever wondered what  Hillary is thinking or what her body language is saying when she is talking to millions?

Read Hillary2.001

Now you’ll know. That is, if you follow the hashtag #ReadHillary tonight on Twitter. You’ll also want to follow Greg and Scott on Twitter. So here are their Twitter handles: @ScottRouse3 and @1GregHartley.